PVC processing aid is widely used in the processing of PVC products, such as extrusion, injection molding, blow molding,blistering and calendering .

Key Benefits of PVC Processing Aid:

PVC processing aid forms a strong molecular bond with PVC resin particles, facilitating the efficient transfer of external heat and shear forces,promotes its melting and plasticization

Reduces the temperature of the processing process,enhances melt strength, improved Melt Strength

Improves the appearance quality of the products, and doesn’t reduce the rigidity of rigid PVC.

Viscosity Options:

Low Viscosity (0.2-4.0): Ideal for transparent film and sheet production.

Medium Viscosity (4.0-11.0): Suited for profiles, pipes, and fittings.

High Viscosity (11.0-13.5): Designed for foamed board and foamed wood-plastic applications.


Our PVC processing aids are equivalent to well-known industry brands such as Dow Paraloid K series, Kane Ace PA series, LG PA series, Mitsubishi Metablen P series, Arkema PLASTISTRENGTH P series, AKDENİZ PRO, and Shandong Rike HL series, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

classification by different raw materials:

Acrylic-based (ACR) processing aids

Styrene-based (SAN) processing aids