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PVC stabilizer is one of the indispensable main additives in PVC products processing. Although used in small quantities, their impact is huge. The addition of heat stabilizers during PVC product processing ensures that PVC remains resistant to degradation and maintains its stability.

The degradation mechanism of PVC is complex, and various stabilizers operate different action mechanism.In processing, the primary functions of PVC stabilizers is replacing unstable chlorine atoms, absorbing chlorination atmospheres, and reacting with unsaturated components to hinder PVC molecule degradation. While PVC's thermal decomposition has minimal effects on its properties, it can significantly influence the product's color.Adding heat stabilizers effectively combats the initial discoloration of the final product.

PVC stabilizers encompass a range of options, including Lead Composite Stabilizers, Calcium Zinc Stabilizers, Methyl Tin Stabilizers, and more.