The company benefits from the strong development power brought by R&D and innovation, and will always pay attention to the development direction of customers' products and technologies, anticipate the market trend of products, keep up with the market, make full use of the advantages of R&D, and constantly introduce new products and new models to maintain the company's sustainable development.

With the core team composed of doctors and masters, senior professional technicians and energetic members, Sundow has strong R&D experience and capabilities from project initiation - development trials - analytical testing - product application and has customized about 100 product models for different users. We built long-term cooperation with several independent laboratories, universities and research institutes to assist the company's product development and innovation.

Precise testing equipment

Technical center is well-equipped to analyze and test all items from raw materials to finished products, such as mechanical properties, rheological properties, mooney viscosity, elemental chemical analysis, DSC, MFR, PH, ash, hardness, tear strength, thermal stability, rubber aging properties, rubber vulcanization properties, etc.

We owns a specialized set of trial production equipment, which can be used to simulate the production process for the development and innovation of new products and new models, including downstream production processes such as extrusion, injection and vulcanization. It ensures the flexibility, efficiency and low cost of R&D. At the same time, it also has a better understanding of downstream applications, which is convenient for guiding customers' use and improvement.

—— Development

  Social Responsibility Projects

  Research and Development (R&D)

  Our Sustainability Approach

  Environmental Sustainability

We strongly believe that --- Product quality is the foundation of the company; Advanced technology is the guarantee for high-quality products; R&D innovation is the driving force for the company's sustainable development; Service differentiation is the core competitive of market.

The company carries to TQM system and has conferred with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.

 With advanced equipment, production technology and DCS process control system, products quality is high and stable.

 Equipped with a comprehensive range of testing and testing equipment which ensures the quality of raw materials to products is effectively controlled.

 We work closely together with its customers in order to provide them with professional suggestions and the best solutions constantly develop new product models for different users.

 Close to market demand, develop new process and products following national policies and corporate sustainable strategies

—— Technical Support

Technical surport

Adhering to customer orientation principle, We focuses on customers’ concerns and needs, responds to customers with a sense of urgency and customizes products and solutions for end users.

We owns a broad portfolio with complete technical information - detailed TDS, SDS, Selection guide, etc. Be familiar with the same kinds on the market and recommend customers alternative products with solutions.

Professional team for technical service

Composed of technical personnel with R&D and production experience for nearly 30 years in the field, the team members have a strong sense of customer service and always respond quickly, provide customers selections and application guidance without delay.

Provide on-site guidance

The service team is fully committed to assisting customers in solving product application problems. For users with complex situations, we will have a team be on-site for better understanding and help users solve problems face-to-face.